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ECTS Label

Sakarya University was given “ECTS Label” and “DS Label” by European Union Commission for the second time.

Sakarya University applied for renewing DS Label and ECTS Label in 2013 and the university was re-evaluated by European Union Commission. After this evaluation, Sakarya University was given “ECTS Label” and “DS Label” by European Union Commission for the second time.

After Sakarya University became the first university completing Bologna Process among other universities in Turkey, it was given DS Label and ECTS Label in 2009. In 2010, Sakarya University received ECTS Excellence Award which was presented to 5 universities in Europe by European Union Commission. Sakarya University is one of 22 universities which have renewed ECTS Label in Europe and the one among Turk universities which have renewed ECTS Label.

ECTS Label Award includes course, course contents, course credits, learner and learning centred education and recognition of these features in EU level. It is the biggest and the most prestigious award, and it is given to the universities which follow applications of UN higher education standards as part of European Union Commission, Erasmus Program.

DS Label refers to the effective applications in the process of diploma transparency, diploma, and diploma supplement. 

Sakarya University received ECTS Label and DS Label for the second time. This success is important since it indicates that the university is a reliable partner for international collaborations. In 2013, 15 Turk universities took place among universities which are awarded with ECTS Label for the first time. This fact shows that the studies started by Sakarya University are followed by other higher education institutions.


ECTS Label and DS Label for Students

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is not just an exchange facility but a definition of student workload coming up through learning outcomes. It is a facility for transparency and storage system. It provides recognition for a continuous quality in higher education.

DS Label is important equipment for international transparency and academic recognition. Diploma Supplement, written in English, is provided for all students after graduation. 

ECTS Label and DS Label logos are demonstrated in student diplomas as other awards’ logos are presented. For this reason, these documents provide our graduates great convenience for working and travelling.




Universities receiving ECTS and DS Label in 2013


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 TR rate in total

ECTS Labels - New




ECTS Labels - Renewal




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DS Labels - Renewal









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